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Hi Aaron

I found a great list management system that is free.

You can use it to build your own list, set up autoresponder, send broadcasts and even track the email open rates.

This system is provided by They have been in the market since 2008.


New List Mailer with $10,000 in Cash Prizes Just Launched!

This new mailer, Mailer.Gold is a fascinating model in that prices started at about $8 and increased by $.01 with each sale.

That means the faster you join and upgrade, the lower the price you'll pay!

Better y...

There are 3 ways to get rich.

1 - You’re born into it.

2 - You’re lucky.

… and if you’re not born rich or have money falling from the sky…

Then do what smart people do and...

3 - Take advantage of NEW opportunities like THIS, FAST

List Blueprint

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Introducing: 1000 Leads a Day to Any Website!

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